Saturday, November 12, 2016

About last night..

So last night, I went out with two of my old friends from high school. Yesterday’s date, 11/11, is a regional holiday where we all play dress up as part of an old tradition. Therefor, my two friends were dressed as a koala bear and a dragon and I was Snow White for the night. Please keep reading now, I promise you this won’t be some irrelevant party-post, it was just kinda essential to give you this information. I wouldn’t want the internet to think I just like to occasionally dress up as Snow White to raise eyebrows and get free shots. 

Last night, the Snow White version of me encountered an incredible example of how life is all about the little things but also how those little things are actually part of the most important lessons of our lives. 

I was outside a bar waiting for my friends to return from the bathroom when I suddenly heard someone shout from behind; ohhh there she is!!! Snow White!!! … Now, this happens quite often because no matter how drunk people are, they never tend to forget their Disney princesses. The shouting continued and reluctantly I turned to face what I thought would be the next weird person asking about the whereabouts of my dwarfs. 
Instead, when I turned, I actually saw a group of seven ladies dressed up with white beards and red pointy heads. Seven dwarfs had found me, their Snow White..! At that point I was a little tipsy (sorry mum) and I thought finding these dwarfs was the most hilarious thing ever. They sat me down with them, fed me more beer and once we had finally recovered from laughing we started talking. This is where the amazingness begins. These lovely lady-dwarfs happened to be a group of girlfriends who met in high school, stayed in touch and now, after a 30-year!!! friendship, were still sitting there, enjoying drinks together and laughing their way through the night. For my friends and me, they were around the mum-age but literally the nicest people ever. All of them grew up in the same town but as life went on, moved throughout the country. Obviously we talked some small talk but then they told us the story behind the dwarf costumes. They used to be a group of eight girls, partying together in high school. They all grew up, moved out and started their new college life and eventually family life. But they kept in touch and had a tradition of celebrating 11/11 together so annual reunions were guaranteed, no matter how busy their schedule. Their personal joke-plan had always been to one day celebrate 11/11 as Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Unfortunately Life happend and they just never got around to actually stick to their plan. Then, this past summer, fate struck. Their Snow White, the eighth member of this lovely group, passed away, leaving the seven ladies without their princess and without any possibility to ever enact their plan. But time goes on and so came this years 11/11 without her.. As hard as it must have been, they did decide on dressing up as dwarfs and dedicated the night to their Snow White who could only be there in spirit. 

At this point, I can assure you my tipsiness had passed. I had no words. The beauty of this story lies within these ladies tho. I was a little scared the whole conversation would now be hard and heavy but instead, they all smiled. It was so precious, I have a hard time writing this down. They told me and my friends how they thought this was so special; to just bump into us; a snow-white and her friends from high school, reunited for a night of celebrations on 11/11.. We asked them what their biggest lesson had been so far and they talked about friendship. The special kind of friendship that starts early but actually survives all the changes in lives that come afterwards. They told us how we should never take those friendships for granted because they are rare, very rare. They spoke with such love about their group that we could do nothing but see them as our ultimate example. They stuck together, with ups and downs sure, but never fully apart. All in all, I guess this conversation only lasted about 30 minutes. Afterwards, there was more alcohol, more dancing and more laughing between my friends and me but ever since I woke up this morning, those 30 minutes are stuck in my head. I don’t even know their names but I’m so grateful for meeting them. I can do nothing but bless their story and hope that I will have friends like that in 30 years. My koala bear and dragon friends; I don’t see you two very often but I sure hope we will live up to this beautiful example. 

Their Snow White should be so proud up there, cheers on her.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Guess who's back in town..!

Hello. My name is Liza (still) and I took a gap year blogging-wise. Hereby I present to you: that_show_jumping_girl’s blog version 2.0 and I solemnly swear to not get myself derailed again.

About a year ago, I got on this crazy bitch of a rollercoaster that took me 12 months to get off again. It barely allowed use of cellphones so laptops were a definite no-go. 
Before I say anything else, just let me make it very clear that everyone has their problems and there is just no way to compare one another’s or better yet; classify which ones are the worst. Unfortunately, people have this huge tendency to compare their problems to someone else’s. Especially when they think their own problems are way worse than anyone else’s. Therefor, they seem to have decided, it is just not okay for other people to complain because their own misery is just way more serious. 
But hey, new flash; not everyone has the same friggin mindset (thank God). I did not loose a close relative, a leg or every penny of my family’s funds. Nevertheless, this stupid coaster caused me the biggest agony I’ve ever felt. It was a side of me I’d never seen before and honestly, it got me pretty scared. But hey guess what. Lemons, either handed over to you by a cute bar tender or harshly thrown at you by this bitch called Life, mean Tequila shots!!!! Or key lime pie or something. (click here for the extended version of this life lesson)
Bottom line; this chick is back in action and she welcomes you to this first episode of the new season.

Okay so I came across this book on Instagram the other day and it kept popping up in my feed. Yes this will be kind of a book review but don’t get scared away, this book is the most hilarious thing I’ve read in a long ass time!!
The subtitle being ‘How to win at basically everything’ was kind of.. daring. And then the back cover says; 
  • Don’t be easy
  • Don’t be poor
  • Don’t be ugly.

Ok now you really got my attention. 

Nice is just a place in France

Side note..
If you really have this massive amount of hatred towards every rich-and-famous related topic, you might as well stop reading because you gonna want to burn this book to the ground anyways. I wish you a pleasant tree-house life, say hi to your goats. 

Obviously I had to read this. And so I did. 

This book really is a collection of guidelines more than an actual story. It’s meant for girls who desire to be a lifelong Betch. I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of that word but hey, not all the same mindsets right? 

The authors (the Betches, google them) divided this book in different parts and all parts together cover the basics from like high school to marriage. Every section covers a different topic aka part of life: parties, college, work, dating etc. It gives you Do’s and Don’ts for quite a few (sticky) situations, the correct manners, outfit, attitude and just some basic survival tips for daddy’s little rich girl. No offence. 
All of this is mixed together with some very inspirational quotes, lots of Iced Coffee and.. wel.. Xanax. 

Now I pray to God that whoever reads this book wont take every single word 100% serious because that could honestly get you killed. (Xanax overdose duh.) Besides, yes, Nice is just a place in France but it’s a damn good place! Next towns over are basically st. Tropez and Monte Carlo so chill out and read this book with a grain of salt. Or better yet, a fairly large table spoon. 

However, besides the How-To on getting your dad to pay for a $5000 purse, this book definitely includes some unwritten rules I should have implied to my life a long time ago. The absolute best being;

‘… but often doing the opposite of your instincts is what gets you the biggest prize.’

Writing this on a memo, putting it on my damn mirror. Ok, in my head, not for real. That’s just pathetic. But really, amen to that. 

Then there’s a whole lot of talk on how girls should look.. More like, how not to look. Which is fat and ugly. Now, this currently is a hot topic in the real world and kind of a delicate one too. There are as many variations of ‘fat’ as there are of breakfast cereal and the Betches might be somewhat of a bigger bitch about this than I will be on here, but bottom line should always be; please don’t put on denim shorts if they disappear halfway between your unmissable butt cheeks and/or thigh-flaps. K, thanks. 

When reading this book, you will not just encounter the word Betch more often than you see your own mom. You better get familiar with Bro’s and Pro’s too. I kinda like how they dissected the entire male species into 4 groups based on maturity vs. game level. Bro’s should mature into Pro’s and they’re either considered a Nice Guy or a Shady Asshole, the latter based on their level of Douchiness (Douchebag yes or no). To clarify this; Dan Humphrey is considered a Nice Guy Bro (aka Library Wedding GDI) whereas Tiger Woods is a definite Shady Asshole Pro. (pun intended for the Golf lovers.)

And guess what? The whole book is filled with charts like these! What an eye opener, life makes so much more sense now! 

I’m serious tho, read this book. If not useful, you’re obliged to find it ridiculously funny. Apart from that, if I hadn’t read this book, I would have continued living completely unaware of the fact it is totally OK to, while on Spring Break, do shots at 7AM but definitely not OK to do 7 shots in 1 minute. (see chapter ‘Spring break: how to go hard without going to jail’) Nor would I have learned that, although Anne Frank studied abroad in Amsterdam, you should really choose elsewhere to spend the semester and keep Amsterdam to a weekend visit because really, the only people who spend their semester here probably have a black light and poster of Bob Marley hanging above their bed. (see chapter ‘Studying abroad: how to culturally immerse yourself in foreign alcohol) 
Oh yeah, side note 2: If you’re like anti-alcohol.. don’t read this book either. Alcohol for sure gives the Iced Coffee a run for her money.. if not hunts it down and robs it right there and then.

Other than that, fucking fantastic book. Ok enough with all the ranting, go buy this book. And don’t worry, if you accidentally order the E-book, you ain’t the first, you won’t be the last, we’re lucky enough to live in a pretty decent return and exchange-policy world these days. (may or may not be personal experience) 

So yeah, big applause to you for getting through all this! Ok, just kidding, I totally know you are in fact very well educated, reading lots of actual books and stuff so rather I should be thanking you for  taking the time to read this shallow blog post. 

Love you lots and see y’all next year week!


PS. For the equestrian betches reading this: 1. click on 'equestrian betches', that page is awesome. 2. The Betches say the following about sports for girls: Your interest in sports should be limited to things that highlight your personal superiority and winning qualities, so that pretty much only allows for nonteam sports with pricey accessories. AKA; hellooo equestrian sports! :-)

Another one of these super useful charts: how to completely piss someone off while still remaining the classy girl AND winning the argument! haha

Pretty much covers it all. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Let it go

This is for all the days your brain gets overloaded, for all the times you come home and just want to face plant the floor; not getting back up until everything is better, for that moment we childishly wish we could be 10 years old again, building a treehouse, only worrying about what vegetables we’d be forced to eat tonight. 

something like this

I’d say it’s a very favourable characteristic if you are able to always have goals in your life that you are working on achieving. It keeps you going when times get tough and contributes to a certain level of responsibility for your actions. I guess the degrees are different for every ‘stage of life’ but for now I’m talking about being a student. It makes you eager and it keeps you on the right track because you genuinely have an idea about where that track needs to take you to reach your goal. But then sometimes.. it feels like your brain used up the entire pile of responsibility and grown-up-behaviour and seriousness and, and, and… total black out. 
I think it happens when you are carrying the weight of the world while actually, you should just put earth back on the floor and breath for a while. Just sit and listen to songs that can put you in a music bubble and only hear the lyrics. It’s nothing to be ashamed off really, it just means it’s probably time for a time out. Time to realise you are not a machine regarding school/work/future plans, neither a psychologist for the entire world’s population nor a solo nuclear energy plant for any kind of relationship; you can only do the best you can, people need to learn how to fix the problems in their head by themselves and yes; if it ain’t coming from both ways, it ain’t worth it. The answer is short and strong; Let it go. 

That being the lecture of today, it’s now time to lighten up the mood again ;-) Here’s a current song that fits this situation so well, it’s worth sharing. Perhaps it’s not the strongest piece of music, but the lyrics get to me. Below is the link to the song plus a photo from my photo stream that guarantees a smile on your face :-)

always keep smiling :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lemons & Vodka

The body of this blog entry was scrabbled onto a United Airways napkin a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there has been a slight delay in the uploading process, my sincere apologies for that, but the postponement doesn't make the content any less true so, finally, I present to you;

Lemons & Vodka! 

When life gives you lemons; cut them in pieces, use them to bleach your teeth 'n light up your smile. Then mix the rest with vodka and go out to play.

At this point, that's the most accurate description of my life. I'm slightly overexcited to announce that my oh-so desired Jet Set life has been re-installed; I'm sitting on a plane to that place where the sand is white, the sea blue and the sun makes palm trees grow. It's a place that makes you sparkle and I love it. Yep yep, I'm returning to West Palm Beach after all. (Just 11 days but nonetheless semi-completely unplanned. ;-).. )

Quite the YOLO decision I gotta say! Speaking of which, mr. YOLO really got to me these last weeks.. Not only did I book this flight before even organizing a place to stay or getting permission from school, I also finally died my hair from ultra blondie to super brownie. This, I love too haha! The world and I are still getting used to it (its currently raspberry dark chocolate color and the raspberry part was slightly unplanned) but its so refreshing to try something completely new.

Ok back to my trip. I have the feeling there are far too many people back home who would love to go on a similar trip, not necessarily to the states maybe, but just somewhere new. They don't however, and instead I get asked quite often how I'm able to do crazy stuff like this. That's why I'm gonna write down 5 rules which I think are essential. I'm 100% sure anyone at home can do this too. This is just my point of view and things can be way more complicated, I know, I know, but hey; if you ain't shooting, you ain't ever hitting target!

1. GOLDEN RULE, the ultimate number 1; get your YES!
'No' is the easiest and quickest answer that gets nobody anywhere. We all know that and for some stupid reason, it seems to affect our brains in a way that holds us from even trying. We are soooo much too fast with thinking we're gonna get no for an answer that we don't dare or bother anymore. If you do ask, and you indeed get a 'No', take it with both hands, examine it closely, extract the reason for delivery, use that to construct your next try (it will make the try about 50x more eligible for success) and then throw it out the window or flush it down the toilet--> out of sight, out of heart. Force yourself to that.

2. Construct a plan. Find out what exactly you want to do (if you don't know at first, ask your friend google, there's an ocean of inspiration on the Internet. Just don't forget to also listen to your heart) . Saying; 'oh yeah, I really wanna go to Australia one day' is not gonna help you get there. Australia is not gonna hear you and send you a ticket. (Sucks, I know)

3. Money. I know money is usually the biggest issue. God I know that. But luckily, there's this thing called 'job'. Now before you start, I'm aware of that elephant in the room; not all jobs provide enough to buy a ticket and a living and not all countries are easy paying foreigners but they do exist and you will only find them if you follow rule 1 & 2 completely. Step out of your comfort zone and find a new, better paying job but don't forget to look a bit further then your usual path.

4. Find a place that suits you. :) I love Sweden. I also love snow..over the fireplace..for a week or so. After that, my bones are freezing to death and I crave for sand between my toes and my old sun tan. That's why I don't go work in Sweden over the Christmas break but instead go somewhere summer-ish :-)

5. Trust and respect from your parents. If you are (financially) relying on you parents or guardians, they can be just the support that you need to go thru with a trip like this, especially the first time. But if you continuously lie to them and keep misusing their trust in you, you really can not expect them to just happily financially contribute to your trip and wave you goodbye at the airport. (Don't forget there's more to a trip like this.. There's insurance, visas etc.) Honesty is key. In any relationship.

That was that, I hope you they can be helpful at some point :)

Pff, 4 more hours to kill.. US airways, please upgrade your on board entertainment system. We really need to those individual screens instead of 1 per 25 people!
I can't complain tho, I just woke up from a 3-hours-straight nap, thanks to these super, noise-canceling Dr. Beats I'm wearing.  No announcements, no chatting, barely an engine sound.. Mr. Slegtenhorst, I love and thank you for this privilege, I double broke my record and it makes flying all that more pleasant. thank you ;-)

Additional (up to date) note; I got back to this (European) side all safe 'n sound, so I can now also add the pics of this trip to the entry. Since SnapChat is gaining more and more power, I decided to keep a photo journal in snap chat style, hope you enjoy it! :)

See ya later, alligator! 

Ready for Action!!

food porn to the max #sushi @ #Kontiki

Bahamas Bitches! #takemeback

best-best-best dog <3

frequent flyers will understand #myluckyday

Reunited with my Cookie <3

Monday, March 10, 2014

The 5 senses of WEF

* the sight of 1 groom hand walking 3 hunter ponies at once, all 3 looking too neat and delicate to be real
* the sight of that brand new Audi S5 parked next to the old barn Chevy. Or better yet; a real life Lamborghini. 
* the sight of impeccable world class horses wearing Gucci.. Hermes.. you name it. Suits the Lamborghini oh-so-perfectly

* the smell of Magdalena's Mexican Food
* the smell of the everyday show sheen/fly spray cocktail
* the smell of fresh shavings (and dirty ones)

* the taste of fresh squeezed lemonade
* the taste of dust in your mouth while riding. (or dirt bike or golf cart or even just walking)
* the taste of ice cold bottled water after a dazzling 2PM, clear-sky-no-wind jump off under the Floridian sun

* the sound of dirt bikes swarming their way across the show grounds
* the sound of incomprehensible Mexican Spanish
* the sound of buzzers going off not only in your, but everywhere around you, non-top

* the feeling of a bad cheek/shoulder sunburn
* the feeling of a monday morning hangover
* the feeling of belonging. <3

there's no place like home

Sunday, February 9, 2014

School Shenanigans

Hej hej mina vänner! (jaja, I still love swedish :D)
wow, it’s been an awful long time since my last post.. my apologies.. it honestly feels like it’s been years instead of weeks. It’s january now, which means i’ve been at college for a little over two months and I don’t even have the proper words to describe how it has been so far...

But first, I believe a ‘Happy New Year’ is in order! Happy NY to you all, may all your dreams come true while you stay happy and healthy :)) 

Ok, school.. While writing this, I’m sitting on a comfy couch with my feet up, sunshine on my face and some good music in my ears. Sounds like chill time at home? I agree.. yet it’s at school, in the cafeteria. (pictures below)

I really have to say, all experiences I’ve had so far here at school, are incredibly good. It’s been over 8 weeks and I still can’t believe how much i’m learning every single day. At the end of the week, it feels like my head is as full as it could possibly be. I can’t really put my finger on what exactly is so.. filling.. but training is for sure a big part of it. I loved my weekly riding school lessons and I highly appreciate the times Lauren or Sloane helped me the past year, but I never experienced riding like this. Like this means; the same horse every day, always supervised by qualified trainers, flatwork and jumping.. For the first time, I can actually work towards goals as a combination, not just as a rider. I can work on longterm focus and better yet, all the field experience is backed up on paper during classroom hours (riding theory etc.) Riding wise, this school makes you understand what you do with your horse and why, in so much more depth than a regular riding instructor’s explanation. Obviously, that is the whole point of this college, but nonetheless, it’s really nice. 

Apart from my school pony and all the riding, the atmosphere and people at this college are completely different from previous experiences as well. It’s such a delight to be at a, fancy-talk, educational institution, where everyone breathes horses. They all understand, teachers and students.. makes life quite a bit easier ;-) I love my new friends and even tho we’re not all the exact same age, I feel like we learn a lot from each other. 

It’s not all sunshine and roses tho because it’s still life, and life is never easy ;-)
The last year-and-a-half, I lived a complete different life than I do now. I used to say; Americans are great, but their relationship values with friends and family are different than our western European values. Americans seem to be easier.. not as deeply involved in each others lives. I always thought I was just observing this as a fact, without being influenced by the US way.. I thought my European upbringing could not be easily affected. Turns out I was wrong, something I should have seen coming because I know I’m not the kind of person who loves spending every minute of spare time with the same group of people. I’m a wanderer, a traveler.. That was perfect the last year-and-a-half because the people I worked with, changed all the time. When we were together, it was great fun but if not; no problem better luck next time.. Now however, I’m back in a college situation with non-changing classmates and Dutch friends with European values. Our upbringing here, makes us, up to a certain point, answer to our friends. That is, explaining our choices and behaviour to our friends. It is exactly that, that I kind of lost in America. It’s not like Americans don’t care.. It’s just a different set of principles. (I hope I’m not offending any Americans now haha) And I’ve been having a hard time adjusting back to the smaller, closer environment of friends here. I still tend to spend most of my time with people who are little less.. ‘close’.. who seem to care a little less about how often we talk or spend time together, just because it makes me feel more.. free. 

It’s weird really, I can’t really explain. It’s a little tricky tho, because you don’t want to become ignorant. That is why I’m really grateful for my new friends here who force me to actually ‘care’ more about our friendship and who THANK GOD, seem to understand I don’t mean to offend them when I act a little more.. American ;-) I love you all, and I appreciate this more than I could tell you, u know who u are.

Anywaaaays…..enough serious talk. College is Fucking Fantastic, here are some pics, enjoy and be jealous! 

sunday funday @ Asten

Ché on the track at school

cookie pony

he can be pretty if he wants to.. 

cooling down on the track.. so beautiful

hoppla hoppla liten häst :)

show time.. haha

roomieeee :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hi Diary!

I dug up my diary today and decided my next blog entry would be a page out of this little book full of dreams, emotions en real life facts about me :) I don't use my diary that often, in fact, I think the average entry is 1 per year. But nevertheless, it's so funny to read back and see which dreams came true and which super difficult problems I had to face 'back in the days' ;-)

This entry is dated July 10th, 2007. At the time, I was 13 years old and in my first year of high school.

Hi Diary! 
A pony to take care of.. that's gonna be a while. My English speech about DNA went super! I got an 8.8 (out of 10)!! Pony summer camp was absolutely awesome!! On wednesday, july 4th, we had a jumping lesson from Ilse, this was only the second time I ever jumped a horse and it went quite well.
On thursday, we had a jumping competition. There were 23 entries, and I was one of them. This was only the 3rd time I actually jumped but I ended up getting 4th place!! So now I earned my first two ribbons: A blue one for my 4th place and a pink one as a thank-you for competing in the dressage competition. So many people were complimenting me on my 4th place and now Marlou (head trainer) said I can go ride in a different group. So now my lesson is on friday from 6PM to 7PM. I hope I can ride on tuesdays one day cause Ilse is teaching those lessons which means I'd get to jump! Now that I know how much fun jumping is, I'm wondering what I want to be when I grow up...:
- FBI Special Agent
- FBI crisis negotiator
- professional show jumper
- Pediatrician

Well, you'll hear from me soon! Bye!

A few side notes..
When I was 4, I had kidney stones. It hurt like HELL but ever since that day until this diary entry, I said I was gonna be a doctor for children, a pediatrician. Despite my CSI/FBI phase, the pediatrician thing was dead serious, so for me to add 'show jumper' to this list, was quite something. I remember the endless debates in my head from that time and I can assure you; jumping my first (TINY) show that week at camp surely triggered something in me that was quite a bit bigger than that little show. Clearly. ;-)

On my last day at Jos Lansink stables a few years ago, right before I had to go back to school, I remember Jos saying to me: It's back to reality for you, now! Today, nearly 3 years later, summer vacation is over and it's time to go back to school.. again. Only this time, back to reality means: going back to Lansink's!

Sometimes, it's what we least expect that gives us the greatest happiness.


my first two ribbons!

the original diary entry in Dutch :)